My name is Vicky, and welcome to my little space of games design thoughts and musings. I’m a games designer with just over 10 years of experience (as of writing this), so if you’d like to know more about my background and expertise, then please visit the ‘About Me’ page.

I’ve decided to start writing more about my experiences and thoughts about being a games designer, in the hopes that someone out in there the big wide world would find it useful.

Please excuse the style and placeholder logo on this website for now – I’m relatively new to blogging and haven’t worked on website development in a loooong while. In time, I’ll have this space looking great.

I hope you enjoy what I will be posting here in the near future. Feel free to get in touch or to discuss anything that I have posted – all I ask is that you keep it polite and respectful.

Now for the important bit – any thoughts or opinions I express on this site are purely my own, and are not representative of any one else or any other studio I may work for or in conjunction with.

Happy reading! And looking forward to sharing things with you.

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